Using GarbleMoney to keep your tokens safe and private

GarbleMoney Team
5 min readDec 8, 2022
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1. What is GarbleMoney

GarbleMoney is a privacy wallet running on the TRON network that uses zero-knowledge proof technology to help users protect privacy to avoid others tracing or analyzing. If you are not familiar with it, I strongly recommend reading our previous technical analysis article:

This article will not go into technical details, but focus on how to use this application to protect the privacy of transactions and digital assets.

2. About AML

GarbleMoney can only be used for legal purposes, as there are many users who do not want their asset to be easily tracked and analyzed by others. However, GarbleMoney cannot guarantee that everyone will strictly comply with this requirement, as it is a decentralized application.

But GarbleMoney introduces sanctions, and the underlying maintains a smart contract called SanctionsList, which references the code of chainalysis and supports the blocking of specific addresses. For detailed information, please refer to:

It is worth noting that once we block a suspicious address (which will only happen if the law enforcement authorities require us to do so), no one, including the GarbleMoney technical team, can use the locked funds, which will be permanently locked in the pool.

3. How to use

3.1 Preparation

Before using GarbleMoney, you need to make sure that:

- You are using a PC browser and can access

- You are using the tronlink wallet, download it here:

- You have digital funds on the tron network, at least some trx to pay for fees.

3.2 Registration and Login

First, you need to unlock your tronlink wallet and click the “Connect wallet” button:

GarbleMoney defines a simple user system based on smart contracts with digital signatures. If you have never used GarbleMoney before, the first step is to be asked to register, in the form of signing a string and submitting a transaction.

If the wallet address has previously been deposited to GarbleMoney, the total amount of assets deposited will be visible on the home page.

3.3 Deposit Assets

Click on Deposit tab, select the type of asset you want to deposit (supports TRX/USDT/USDD now) and fill in the amount you want to deposit. Arbitrary amount or a fixed amount is supported here. We strongly recommend to use the fixed amount, otherwise you may encounter the problem of not being able to withdraw the fractional funds due to the UTXO limitation of TRONZ protocol.

After sending a transaction, the frontend will displays the progress of this operation.

3.4 Shielded Transfer

The entire privacy protection of GarbleMoney depends on this feature. If there is an address that is only deposited and immediately withdrawn, it can still be traced and analyzed. Therefore, if you have some assets deposited in GarbleMoney, then you must perform a shielded transfer before withdrawing it to protect privacy.

Shift to Shielded Transfer tab:

Fill in the recipient address, asset type, and transfer amount, then click the Transfer button.

Note: the recipient address must also be registered in GarbleMoney, otherwise the following prompt will appear:

3.5 Withdrawal

Click on the Withdraw tab page, fill in the asset type and withdrawal amount, and click the Withdraw button.

3.6 Cross-chain swap

GarbleMoney currently only works on the TRON network, so if you are a user of another public chain, then you need to exchange your assets for assets on tron via first, and then use the garblemoney feature.

The cross-chain exchange we offer is very simple to use:

First fill in the assets to be exchanged and the target assets and the quantity you want to exchange, then click on the Exchange button.

After that, fill in the receiving address, and then transfer the assets to be exchanged to the recharge address.

4. Summary

GarbleMoney believes that privacy is a fundamental human right. Very often, if privacy is compromised or not guaranteed, then there is no way to talk about other rights.

However, GarbleMoney does not a coinmixer like TornadoCash. We require users’ funds to be legal. If we are contacted by law enforcement, we will not hesitate to block illegal funds and make them public. We hope you consider this carefully before using garblemoney.

Finally, the garblemoney team is always working to improve this infrastructure on TRON, if you are interested in it, please remember to join our telegram group or follow us on Twitter for discussion.